Do you want to learn how to get your camera off auto mode and take better photographs? Are you struggling to nail those action shots or getting the focus right in portraits?  My online photography mentoring will help you get to grips with your camera and give you tips and tricks how to improve your photography.
The benefits to you:
- Monthly photographic topics and assignments 
- Learn how to improve your photography at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home
- Expand your knowledge and confidence, through a variety of topics and assignments
- Receive support and advice from an award-winning dog and equine photographer
- Constructive feedback on your work, including advice on how to improve
- A supportive private Facebook Group
My online mentoring will help you improve your photography skills & knowledge and will help you to get achieve your goals.

Monthly Online Mentoring - £ 20 / per month
This perfect way to learn more about photography and be guided online.
The monthly online mentoring is designed for anyone who is looking for guidance and feedback on their work on an ongoing basis. It will give you a new topic to shoot and practice every month.
- A new topic to photograph every month
- Submit 4 images and receive constructive feedback by email
Monthly Online Mentoring Plus - £ 75 / per month
Additional to the monthly online mentoring, the mentoring plus will teach you how to improve your images with a tailored and structured approach to your development.  Whatever your ambition or level, your work will be assessed and together we will identify areas to improve on and reviewed on a regular basis.
- A new topic to photograph every month, tailored to your objectives
- Monthly assignments are accompanied by tips and ideas
- Submit 4 images and receive constructive feedback by email
- One 60 minute phone/video call per month to speak about your progress and any problems you might be encountering.
Contact me any time for more information on my online mentoring programs. 
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